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Welcome to Maine folk musician/composer Gordon Bok's website.  Here  you can find all the latest news about Gordon: upcoming concerts and events, CDs and updates on our latest projects.

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It has come to our attention that several musicians wanting to record songs composed by Gordon Bok have received mechanical licenses from agencies not associated with Timberhead Music LLC, the sole agency representing him. All of Gordon’s songs are copyrighted and registered with Timberhead Music and only Timberhead Music can legally license recordings of them. Please be advised that any other agency claiming to have the authority to issue mechanical licenses does not in fact have that authority. All permission requests need to be directed to Timberhead in order to be legal. We all want to do the right thing, so please respect copyright procedures.

Upcoming Concerts

Fri Apr 28: Rockport, ME: Rockport Folk Festival Reunion! 7:00 pm
 Gordon Bok, Bob Zentz, John & Ellen Gawler, Bob Stuart, Nick Apollonio
$20 per person. Tickets available through our office or online through Paypal here:

Fri Jul 14: Rockland, ME: Sail, Power, and Steam Museum, 7:30 pm
for full details about Gordon's concerts see Gordon's schedule page or his Facebook event page

Then and NowLatest Release (2016)

Then and Now

"Here's a bit of a landmark: selections from my first commercial recording in a New York Studio, and tracks from sessions at home - 50 years later. Peggy Seeger wrote "I am old, I am young, I am all that I've been," and it's true that all the songs I have sung have guided my life and are still a part of me.
So here are songs (and tunes) from that 1965 album, some recently made or learned, and some old songs recently visited. Carol says it feels like thumbing through a musical photo-album.
After all, now wouldn't have have ever gotten here if it wasn't for all that then, eh?"
                          ~Gordon Bok

Available now at Timberhead Music.

Gordon's News:

This is from my friend Ulla SKšld from Vara, Sweden:

"Incidentally--doing research is easy these days--I found on there is an author given (although with a "?") for "Call The Ewes": by Isobel Pagan (1741-1821). "Rise Up Singing" attributed it to Robert Burns. (Harvard Classics Vol. 41) also says that Sir Walter Scott wrote the words to "Jock O'Hazeldean."

We are updating our records accordingly.

Carol's Corner:

          I was interviewed recently about my stroke for the Brain Injury Association of Maine newsletter. They have collected stories from Maine survivors. I am proud to be included among these remarkable stories of will, perseverance and hope as we have all moved on and gone on to re-invent ourselves as we learn there is life after stroke. My story is #18 in the list but they are continually adding more stories.
          March is Brain Injury Awareness Month.

March 2017

What Gordon's up to lately

  • Gordon's Notes: Info about Gordon's work with Kalmyk music.
  • Touring Update: Gordon will still be the occasional concert, but he has decided it's time to retire from official performance tours. Thank you all so much for your support and attendance all these years.
  • Check out Gordon's CDs and ongoing sales at Timberhead Music.
  • Gordon's Woodcarvings: Catalogue available Click here to order Songs in the Wood. See the carvings website for current gallery information.
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