Gordon Bok In Concert



For years I felt that knowing a concert was being recorded would remove the immediacy and spontaneity from it, along with that feeling of conversation that I usually feel with audiences.

My friends convinced me that we always have too much fun in a concert-hall for that to happen, and that I ought to let more people in on the fun, so in May and June of 2006 I recorded some concerts I was doing in Maine. This album is a sampling of them.

Recorded at the Strand Theatre, Rockland, Maine; The Chocolate Church, Bath, Maine; Center Theatre, Dover-Foxcroft, Maine; and Johnson Hall, Gardiner, Maine.

A special thanks to our loyal audiences for singing so beautifully and for providing the authentic cough-tracks.
Recorded, engineered and mastered by Bruce Boege, Limin Music, Northport, Maine.
With additional recording by Rick Crampton and Bradley Truman
Mixed by Bruce Boege, Gordon Bok, and Anne Dodson
Produced by Gordon Bok and Anne Dodson

What’s Included

Queer Bungo Rye
Last Shift at the Crowns
Patrick Spencer
Plastic Container of Plonk
Where the Cane Fires Burn
Canso Straight
The Angelus
Hark Now
Let The Lower Lights Be Burning
Wrecker’s Prayer
Collage: Pretty
Oystershell Road
Do Something
Hie Awa