Reviews of Gordon Bok's Music

1999 Big Muddy Folk Festival, Boonville, Missouri

A Legendary Trio: Gordon Bok, Ann Mayo Muir and Ed Trickett...

mark their 25th year playing music together. They have acquired a devoted following in the folk scene for great songs, lovely voices, rich harmonies and wonderful arrangements. Gordon lives in Maine, Ed in Washington, D.C., and Annie in France. In recent years, the three have come together about twice a year for concert tours mostly in the Northeast, Upper Midwest and West, and this is the first time they will play in Missouri. Gordon is one of the very best songwriters in folk music; his poetry draws from his love for and experience with the sea and the people who abide with it. With vivid and thoughtful imagery his songs can be deeply moving, soaring, playful, contemplative -- and very singable. He is a brilliant guitarist and an experimenter with many musical sounds, not the least of which is his own deep, commanding voice. Ann, blessed with a rich alto voice, has spent years casting for songs that touch her and then giving her heart back to them in her singing. She is a compelling singer to hear. Our audiences will remember Ed from his appearance here in 1994 or his previous trips to Central Missouri. His expert singing and work with guitars and hammered dulcimer make him an fine solo artist, but his ability
in arranging instruments voices in harmony and texture make him a joy to work with. With this trio, there is a lot of fine music to hear.