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House Blessing

QuasiModal Chorus

  • Beth Alma
  • Mary Bok
  • Mary Anne Brown
  • Will Brown
  • Anne Dodson
  • Jamie Huntsburger
  • Cindy Kallet
  • Molly Lebel
  • Ellen Libby
  • Loie Lyman
  • Carney McRae
  • Bob Richardson
  • Carol Rohl
  • Susan Shaw
  • Ivan Stancioff
  • Matthew Szostak
  • Holly Torsey
  • Lynn Travis

Words and Music © 2000, Gordon Bok

Love, come bless this happy house

And all who scramble round within:

Bless the footprints on the wall

And may the chimney never lean.

Bless the night with song and laughter,

Silence bless the morning after.

Glory pour from sump and rafter,

Hammer-blossom*, joist and beam!

I’ve always enjoyed it when someone comiong through the door would say “Bless this house.” I’ve heard it in a few languages; and it mattered not whom they were asking to do the job. I knew it wouldn’t be wasted on me. So here’s my version, adjusted fo rlocal conditions.

The Quasis recorded two songs at my stepmother Stormy’s house one evening, and as we were getting ready to leave, one of us suggested we sing this song to thank her. We did, and Hamilton Hall wisely turned the recorder back on and captured it.

*those little, round, decorative indentations you see around certain nailheads