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Remastered selections from Gordon’s very first album on the Verve label (1965) combined with his latest new recordings on this album. This album shows the timelessness of Gordon’s music – a true gem with the rich bass of his youth, the comforting wisdom of his lyrics and the evolution of his style.

“Fifty-five years ago, Noel Paul Stookey offered to produce an album of my music. I had another good trade at the time and didn’t feel ready to commit to that, but in 1965 we went into a studio in New York and he guided me through the process…So here are selections from that original recording (that so many of you have asked for) and some that I’ve recorded in the last year or so in my home in Camden.”

What’s Included

Johnny Todd
A Blues for Sergei (Then)
I’m a Rambler, I’m a Gambler
Herring Croon
Grieve’s Handy
The Old Bard Song
Tehuacan (Lamento y Danza)
I’se the B’y
Fifteen Ships on George’s Bank
The Ballad of Billy’s Man
Kuulan Polska # 1
The Sands of Dee
Rosin the Beau
Bay of Fundy
Along the Famine Road
Weevily Wheat/Wheat in the Ear
A Blues For Sergei (Now)