Susan and Harbor Seal
Native Birch
17 1/4 x 11 1/2

Gordon grew up among the woodcarvers, joiners and machinists of the boatyards in Camden, Maine. Encouraged from an early age in drawing and design, Gordon began carving in bas-relief over thirty years ago. Carving the scenes from his experiences and environment has helped him return to his years working along the coasts, as well as documenting vessels and the ways of building and fishing them. Many of these vessels and people are now gone.

Like his music, these carvings are a way to enter more deeply into his world. Images are richly sculpted into mahogany, butternut and native pine. Woods such as cypress, Alaskan cedar, siruaballi, British Colombian yew and Spanish cedar have traveled many miles to reach his studio and become a work of art.

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We are pleased to tell you Ironbound Gallery in Camden is now showing some of Gordon’s woodcarvings. Please stop in for a visit!