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Counting Quarters

lyrics © 2012 Penny Davies
music © 2015 Gordon Bok
performed by Penny Davies, Roger Ilott, and Gordon Bok
and Jemma Armstrong, flute
(p) 2019 on the CD Pyramids Road
Restless Music
PO Box 438
Stanthorpe QLD

“Following a stroke, harpist Carol Rohl told me that she was saving her “quarters” (her daily ration of energy) to use the next day. Touched by Carol’s courage in the face of her challenges, I wrote these words. Carol’s husband Gordon Bok made the tune, and Roger, Gordon and I recorded the song in September, 2015, in their house in Camden, Maine, looking out at the apple trees in early autumn.” ~ Penny Davies

Counting Quarters
She has come a long, long way and the road has been uphill.
Every step and each new day, an effort of pure will.

She will walk where aspens glow, beside the shining waters.
She will let the purse strings go and never count her quarters.

She has gone at her own gait, at times she must be still,
And there are times when we must wait to reach the highest hill.

And still the music that she makes, with all her heart and hand
Is glowing like the waters where the golden aspens stand.

Photography in the video:
R & M Photos
Roe Chiacchio
Marty El-Hajj

Gordon Bok
Kathy Pease
Ken Bloomquist