Other Eyes


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Featuring a collection of special songs that looks at life experiences on this world through non-human eyes.

“After 70 years of staving around this kind land, I know our homeland is never going to survive our sojourn here if we don’t learn to hear with other ears, look through other eyes.” ~ Gordon

“Gordon Bok has a special genius for showing us the world through other eyes. In this beautifully conceived album, he explores how the natural world sees us, dolphin and otter, seal and gull, hunted fox and netted fish, offering visions at once earthy and ethereal, stunningly fresh and as old as tradition. Among the finest folk ballad singers this country has produced, Bok’s glorious bass voice has softened and warmed with age, like a fine old cello, drawing us closer into the spells he casts. And so, as he sings of strange creatures and wild places, mortal danger and ancient tragedy, a child’s wonder at the sudden world and the ageless call of home, he seems to be singing our song, too.” ~ Scott Alarik, folk music writer, The Boston Globe

What’s Included

Bold Reynolds
The Bird Rock
The Seals
Captive Water
The Beaches of Lukannon
Sarabande’s Story
Gulls in the Morning
The Maiden Hind
Spell to Bring Lost Creatures Home
The Net
Herring Croon – the Last Verse
Ocean Station Bravo
The Brandy Tree
The Shepherd’s Call
Sherry’s Song