What a Singing There Will Be by Helen Schneyer


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What a Singing There Will Be is Helen Schneyer’s final album prior to her passing on July 16, 2005. This recording was made on November 9, 2003, at a live concert in Calais, Vermont. The audience was all musicians. Helen said of this event,” making a recording at a concert instead of in a studio was like a family gathering (except that there was no food throwing). I owe the opportunity most of all to Gordon Bok, who will probably try to deny that he bullied me into it, but it would never have happened were it not for Gordon’s generosity.”

“Helen Schneyer’s contralto voice was a force that grabbed you by the collar and sang directly into your soul,” as described by Mary Cliff. Mary ‘s remembrance of Helen can be found in the Fall 2005 issue of Sing Out! magazine.

What’s Included

Cross Over to the Other Side of Jordan
Palace Grand
Shallo Brown
Keep on the Firing Line
Nelly Was a Lady
That’s All Right
Leave You in the Hands of My Lord
I Was Right, I Was Wrong All Along
Driving Saw Logs on the Plover
Queen Jane
Coal in the Stone
Better Home
Lonesome Robin
By and By I’m Going to See the King