Apples in the Basket



The reason I sing so many other people’s songs (authors known or unknown) is that the songs teach me how other folks have met and coped with the world, and I am perhaps wiser and certainly more human for having lived with their music in my days and nights.

Here’s a trawl through some of the songs that have engaged my life these last few years. You’ll notice a lot of textures here: these songs bring us some interesting lives and beliefs and perspectives, and I am grateful that they’ve come to inform my own.

I am grateful, too, for all the musician friends who have given their time and spirit so generously to help me here: Doreen Conboy, Elmer Beal, Anne Dodson, Matt Szostak. Will Brown, Cindy Kallet, Bruce Boege, Ken Gross, and the light of my heart, Carol Rohl. We’re the ones you hear now, but there’s a thousand more we’ve sung with and learned from, whose voices give strength to our own, and whose lives nourished ours.

Recorded, engineered and mastered by Bruce Boege, Limin Music, Northport, Maine
Mixed by Bruce Boege, Gordon Bok, and Anne Dodson
Produced by Gordon Bok and Anne Dodson

What’s Included

Apples in the Basket
The Recruited Collier
Los Tres Panuelitos
The Maiden in Bird’s Plumage
A Shearer’s Lament/Waiting For the Rain
The Black Furrow
The Old Figurehead Carver
Heading For Home
Mussels in the Corner
Bay St. Mary/In the Cove
Tie Her Up
Stone on Stone
The Hills of Isle au Haut