Together Again for the First Time


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Live recording of Gordon Bok and Bob Zentz in concert together in Chicago, March 31, 1979. Relive their experience in this wonderful 2 CD set.

“In late March 1979, Gordon and I were on an odyssey of exploration, friendship, teaching, and learning. We tried to create a blueprint of the mystical “business” called “music”, but in reality, you can’t distill what we do down to a formula… it’s more like alchemy of old, lost to time but alive in our imagining. Two old friends are now privileged to revisit it again in our later years. As the saying goes, you had to be there… but if you weren’t, you can be now.”
~ Bob Zentz, 2017

“… [T]win treasures…A two CD-Set of 33 tracks with in-between introductions to each in a cardboard, three-part fold out case that has the most fabulous documentation of any CD, single or set I have seen in a long while!… Right from disc one’s first selection “Picker and a Grinner” to disc two’s last selection “Daddy Don’t You Tell No Lies”, they are gold mines of old songs that are far too rarely heard nowadays…”
~ Gerry Taylor, Folk and Music columnist, New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal.

“One thing in particular that I like about that concert is the relaxed, easy spontaneity of it, just two old friends getting together to make music – no pretentiousness, hype, or affectations. It’s no wonder that the crowd needed little persuasion to sing along.”
~M.B., folk fan

What’s included:

Picker and a Grinner
Judge Proctor’s Windmill
All Around My Hate/Red-Haired Mary/Irish Washerwoman
I Want My Son to be a Country Boy
Wrinkle in Time
Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary’s
River of Time
Mister Brown
Ivor the Driver
I Held a Lady
Hills of Dover
Modest and Bright Eileen O’Farrell
Old Zeb
In My Time
Garden Song
My Favorite Song
Meeting of the Waters/No Awa to Bode Awa
The Scotsman
Mirrors and Changes
The Road and the Miles to Dundee
Song for Gale
All the Good People
Loch Rannoch/Loch Duich/Scarborough Settler’s Lament
Harbour Le Cou
Turning Toward the Morning
Long Gone Jones
Joshua Gone Barbados
Guadeloupe Dance
Sweet Song From Yesterday
Ain’t You Got a Right to the Tree of Life
Daddy Don’t You Tell No Lies
(Some Trust in) Chariots