Dear To Our Island




Gordon Bok with Carol Rohl, Cindy Kallet, Anne Dodson, Will Brown, the Quasimodal Chorus, the January Men, and the Small World Orchestra
For Mary and Tony, who know where it comes from.

Recorded, engineered and mastered by Bruce Boege, Limin Music, Northport, Maine
Mixed by Bruce Boege, Gordon Bok, and Anne Dodson
Produced by Gordon Bok and Anne Dodson

What’s Included

Sail, O Believer
Sandwood Down to Kyle
Driveway Reel & Thanxty Al Stanley
Bachelor’s Song
Connemara Cradle Song
Now I’m Easy
Moran’s Return
Hatu Khara Ols’n
Poor Angus
Jock O’Hazeldean
Los Viejitos
Long Life to the Moon
Small Island
Oh I am Calling
A Phiuthrag’s A Phiuthar
Bless Ye Fair Maids
Against The Moon