I first heard Gordon early in the 1970s in a Cambridge, M.A. livingroom, when a good friend’s mother thought I might like to hear a new favorite of hers, Tune for November, Gordon’s first recording for Folk-Legacy. (I did like to!)

Gordon first saw me, ten years later, on the cover of my first Folk-Legacy album, Working on Wings to Fly – he like the rock I was sitting on (and was delighted with the music…)

In 1983, Sandy and Caroline Paton suggested we join music in a concert or two, and the result was so much fun that we continued to do so, on occasion, over the next few years.

Twelve years later, after we’d become Just-About-Neighbors, we remembered these songs we’d loved, our musical common ground, and recorded them here, for you, we hope, to enjoy.

~ Cindy Kallet,  Rockland, Maine, April 1996

Produced by Cindy Kallet and Gordon Bok
Recorded, engineered and mastered by Bruce Boege at Limin Music, Northport, ME
Mixed by Bruce Boege, Cindy Kallet, Gordon Bok, Richard Knisely, and Michael Cicone

Special thanks for all kinds of help and encouragement go to Carol Rohl, John Blodgett, Ron Pinkham, Bruce Boege, Richard Knisely and Michael Cicone. We greatly appreciate the help we had from numerous babysitters, song-sleuthers, computer-assisters and title advisers. Special thank yous also to Sandy and Caroline, Alison and Sue, and Arthur Woody and Gabriel.

The one’s for Carol and John

What’s Included

Rantin’ Laddie
Homeward Bound
Danze Della Valle Borbera/Danze di Baolino
Right Said Fred
October Song
Janko (Yanka)
Blood on the Sails
Farewell to Nova Scotia
King Jim/Thankxty Al Stanley
Frolic (for Guitar and Small Elephant)
High Barbary
Peace on Earth
Sergei’s Yupanqui Tune
One for Winter/Colrain
Padstowe Chantey